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Team & History

Meet The Jubilee Team

Keith Crusius


Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Presiding over LegalPRO since 2011, Keith has been with the company since 2005 and has been developing software for over 30 years. Keith earned his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from UTSA and also serves as a Division Chief in the local Fire Department with over 25 years of experience.

Richard Walker

Senior Software Developer

Hometown: Kirkland, Washington

Rich has been with LegalPRO since 1999 and heads the software development team. Rich earned a degree in Computer Science from Trinity University in San Antonio, and has been coding since 1977. When he’s not working his magic at the keyboard, you’ll very likely find him leaving the competition in the dust in marathons across the country.

Operations Manager

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Bobby Steitler is a San Antonio native and ex motocross racer. He heads the day-to-day operations and makes sure the support team is ready to assist our clients. Bobby provides fantastic support for our clients and is the “go to” guy when things need to get done.



Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Andre is an experienced bankruptcy paralegal and joined the LegalPRO team in December of 2015. He works with our virtual paralegal service and provides customer support. During his off time, he enjoys coaching youth football and working in real estate.


Software Developer

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Carlos is the wizard of web development. He leads a dedicated team of developers and software specialists in the production of Jubilee, LegalPRO’s cutting edge cloud based bankruptcy and case management platform. His passion for getting the job done has gained him a reputation for keeping late hours with the cleaning crew.



Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

A seasoned journalist with experience in both print and local television, our content manager Crystal makes sure clients stay informed with our newsletters, support forums, social media pages and email updates.



Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Evonne has been in the bankruptcy field for over 8 years and not only understands the software, but uses her degree in Information Systems to our clients’ benefit as well. She is also the pastor of a local church and youth ministry and enjoys spending time with her five kids.



Hometown: Anacoco, Louisiana

Grace has been involved in the bankruptcy field since 1997. She is an experienced bankruptcy paralegal who is proficient with BankruptcyPRO and is also the Vice President of LegalPRO Services, LLC, providing virtual bankruptcy paralegal services. She joined the LegalPRO Team in 2012 and enjoys helping bankruptcy attorneys and clients. You’ll know you’re talking to Grace when you hear her friendly Louisiana accent.


Software Developer

Hometown: Laramie, Wyoming

Liz is a San Antonio transplant, originally from Laramie, Wyoming. Formerly a health care professional, she made the switch to web development in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. When Liz isn’t posted up at her computer, you’ll likely find her experimenting with recipes in the kitchen, enjoying the outdoors/public lands, or planning her next adventure.


Software Developer

Being born and raised in San Antonio, you might find it odd that Matt is a diehard hockey fan and former player. He had attended UTSA for an Actuarial Science degree, before finding his true passion in Software Development a year before his expected graduation. After work hours, you could easily bump into Matt at a local concert, sporting event, or comedy show.




Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Roy’s been with LegalPRO over a dozen years, and he knows his stuff. He loves to solve problems for clients. If you’re the gambling type, ask him about his last poker game or tell him your latest Texas Hold’em strategy.



Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

No one knows more about bankruptcy, LegalPRO software and world-class support than Seville. Prior to joining the team in 1999, Seville worked as a legal secretary, as a secretary for a United States Bankruptcy Judge, and for two different Chapter 13 Trustees.

Charlie Fielder

President Emeritus

No roster of LegalPRO could be complete without mentioning our late founder, Charlie Fielder. Charlie was a creative genius and one of the world’s most generous and gracious human beings. While we miss him greatly, we take pride in carrying on his company’s legacy.

About Jubilee

LegalPRO Systems, creator of Jubilee, has been in the bankruptcy software business for 30 years, since the days of DOS, and has had thousands of clients across the United States and Puerto Rico who have helped (and continue to help) shape the product and its features. We are a small, privately owned business with only one goal in mind – to earn our living by developing and supporting great bankruptcy software. We are big enough to meet the needs of your office, regardless of size, but small enough to remember your name when you call. We know and love our clients and will always work hard to earn their trust and continued patronage.

Forward Thinking

Enjoy customizable software options to suit the needs of your practice.

Problem Solvers

Customer feedback drives improvements with updates often implemented multiple times a month.

Customer Support

You can always count on unlimited, free technical support.

LegalPRO History

Charles A. Fielder, III (Charlie) founded LegalPRO Systems, Inc. in 1985. His goal was to assist bankruptcy practitioners file cases more efficiently and it started with a DOS program called Scribner, which created the most basic forms of the time (there used to be only a couple of forms to file!).

With the advent of CM/ECF and the Windows operating system, BankruptcyPRO® was born in the 90’s and was even more helpful as it could generate the official forms into PDF files needed by the courts, calculate the exemptions, and handle Chapter 13 plan calculations. BankruptcyPRO has since been used by firms all across the United States to file well over a million cases and counting.

Next came DoingTIME® in 2002, our time-and-expense and/or flat fee billing program, which works well for any type of practice. One special bankruptcy-related feature is the ability to track payments due from the Chapter 13 trustee so you can see when you’re not getting your payments and follow-up. It is extremely useful in preparing fee applications and monthly statements, tracking your time to see how you’re doing against a flat fee rate, and handling trust accounts as well.

In 2006, we released I-Got-Notices® to deal with the onslaught of electronic noticing. In the very early days of bankruptcy filing, notices were handled by chisel and rock. Next paper notices were mailed via the USPS and staff spent hours opening the mail, filing the documents, and making copies.

That is not the case any longer; with the advent of CM/ECF, courts began electronic noticing via e-mail, but the process was still labor intensive with staff having to sort the email, click on links, save PDF files and keep them well organized and easily found. We rolled out I-Got-Notices to automate the process and it was an instant success, which has been imitated several times since.

Charlie passed away in February of 2011 and he left ownership of the company to his trusted employees so the transition, other than a lot of sadness, was pretty seamless.

Soon, the company took a slightly new direction by first increasing support and development staff and secondly, committing to the development of an all-new cloud-based bankruptcy platform. Moving to a cloud-based system that could be run from Mac just as easily as it could be from Windows, and on mobile devices as well, required the acquisition of a new development team and a completely new software development platform.

After four years of planning and preparation, LegalPRO released Jubilee® in September of 2016. Jubilee is one of the first truly 100% cloud-based bankruptcy platforms that can be run on a Mac, a tablet, or a PC, and has many general case management features that can be used in other areas of practice as well.

The Jubilee cloud platform has now duplicated all the functionality of our desktop products and then some with the additions of Notices, Legal Payments, and Messaging. Jubilee was built from scratch to be fast and easy to use with our very first firm completing their first filing from start to finish without a single support call. Just like with our desktop products, much of the functionality of Jubilee is the result of user requests and feedback.

As we march onward, LegalPRO Systems continues to remain strong and committed to providing great software and customer support. We are a company that is not too big, not too small, but just right for being both responsible and responsive to our clients’ needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the user-friendliness of BankruptcyPRO & I-Got-Notices. The programs are awesome!! You guys are by far the best tech support group ever!


It is very self explanatory. If you have ever prepared bankruptcies before or even if you are new to bankruptcy, this is by far the most convenient software I have ever used. (Have prepared bankruptcies for 29 yrs and have used a multitude of various software). Jubilee's customer support is of the highest quality.

Kendall Radley

Fiduciary Professional Services

Jubilee Notices saves every case-related PACER notice for later download, and organizes them for easy location. We no longer have to save every one-look document, because Jubilee Notices does that for us. It has saved us hours and a small fortune in PACER fees.

Kim Savage

Savage Legal Group, PC

Two things. First, I find BankruptcyPRO easy to use and complete in what it does. Second, customer service is terrific. I’ve always gotten very quic...



I love the personal support and that your company actually listens to the recommendations made by actual users of your programs. I think it is a great continuation of the service that Charlie Fielder started so many years ago.


I switched to Jubilee after using Best Case for nearly 10 years. Jubilee is much more cost effective and user friendly. Additionally, as an Apple comp...


Verna Bash-Flowers

Attorney Verna Bash-Flowers

Two things. First, I find BankruptcyPRO easy to use and complete in what it does. Second, customer service is terrific. I’ve always gotten very quick attention to the few issues I have had, and the people I’ve talked to have been knowledgeable and helpful. Also, if new forms needed to be developed or implemented for our District, I’ve found that LegalPRO does that within a period of time that I find more than reasonable.


I switched to Jubilee after using Best Case for nearly 10 years. Jubilee is much more cost effective and user friendly. Additionally, as an Apple computer user, I am ecstatic that I can now use my Apple to prepare Petitions! Before I had to keep a PC just for preparing Petitions. Customer Service at Jubilee is fantastic. No matter what representative I get, they are friendly and knowledgeable and stay with you until your issue is resolved.

Verna Bash-Flowers

Attorney Verna Bash-Flowers