“How to” file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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July 1st, 2021 - 11AM CST

Combine the power of BankruptcyPRO and the flexibility of the Cloud with Jubilee

We have added a new button within BankruptcyPRO to allow quick access to the Case Management features offered with our web based application, Jubilee.

A new button is available on the toolbar within BankruptcyPRO which will quickly access the Jubilee features within a frame in BankruptcyPRO.

The button enables you to access

Jubilee Legal Payments, Jubilee Notices and Jubilee Messaging

easily within BankruptcyPRO.

Start using the Jubilee features through the Jubilee button!

  • Navigate between the two platforms with ease
  • Choose the feature(s) you need and start using it
  • Keep the same provider for more services

Using Jubilee for the first time? Sign up for a new Jubilee account to get access to the Jubilee services.


Legal Payments

  • Set up a billing plan
  • Send electronic invoices to your clients
  • Receive secure payments online or over the phone
  • Accept debit, check and or family member’s credit card

Court Notices

  • Organizes your court emails
  • Saves attached documents
  • Schedules every event date automatically
  • Text message clients from within a case
  • Get a new phone number to match with your firm's identity

Text Messaging

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Jubilee Notices gives me peace of mind and it is very intuitive. Prior to using Jubilee Notices, I used a different Notices software and I never figured out how to use it. Jubilee Notices is much easier.

Rebecca M. / Attorney

Kim S. / Attorney

Jubilee Notices saves every case-related PACER notice for later download, and organizes them for easy location. We no longer have to save every one-look document, because Jubilee Notices does that for us. It has saved us hours and a small fortune in PACER fees.

By registering to Jubilee, you get a 14-day free access to LegalPayments, Court Notices and textMessaging.

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