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Oct 1st, 2020

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Best of 2019


What a year – 2019 was surely a very special year for the LegalPRO team. Between our integration with PracticePanther, the release of more features and updates, our team knew how to stay busy. 2020 will be as interesting as last year – we already plan to release more surprises at the ABA Techshow next month where we will be exhibiting.


Here is the recap of 2019:

1.  Practice Panther Integration

PracticePanther is the industry leading law practice management software used by thousands of law firms in over 170 countries. It offers a platform designed specially for law professionals to help manage their firm and eliminate tedious work. Besides all case management features they provide, PracticePanther proposes a built-in CRM to track your contacts, tasks, workflow, and more all within their intuitive interface.

Features in Jubilee include e-filing, step-by-step data entry, various bankruptcy calculators and case management to name a few. Jubilee supports Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 filings and is compliant with all CM/ECF courts. 

The integration allows for a seamless transfer of PracticePanther matters into Jubilee, eliminating the need for double-entry. Manage your cases in PracticePanther, and e-file through Jubilee. 

How the integration works? Let’s take a look here.


2.  Added Jubilee Payments – Electronic & Recurring Payments Credit/Debit & ACH Processing

Jubilee Legal Payments simplifies accepting payments with a custom client payment portal. With Jubilee Legal Payments, you can accept credit/debit cards, echecks payments, send electronic invoices, clients can pay you directly through your own dedicated payment portal, increase profitability with recurring payments, and stay compliant with trust account rules.

Legal Payments is included in the 14-day free trial.

Legal Payments


3.  Added Plan Recap Tab

This new tab will provide a summary of the plan calculations and creditors paid under the plan at a quick glance.


4.  Added Support for Text Messaging

We have added the ability to text message clients with a unique phone number assigned to your firm. This function provides an easy way to communicate with clients without having to use a third party product or your private cell phone number.

Learn more about Text Messaging


5.  Added Announcements Page to Login

We have added a special announcements section to the login page where we can inform you of upcoming events, training webinars, software tips/suggestions, and important service announcements for Jubilee.


Check out the login page!


6.  Added Notes & Tasks to Case Overview page

Based on suggestions from clients, we have overhauled the main case overview page. With the new layout, you are able to see a snapshot of the main components.


7.  Built a “void” function for Invoices

8.  Certificate of Credit Counseling

We have added drop down menu for common providers – Users can now build a customized drop down list of preferred credit counseling vendors for quick data entry.

9.  Added indicators for Messaging & Notices

You can notice that we have added new buttons on the Jubilee Dashboard to provide useful usage information and filing stats.

10.  Added option to share Court Notices with debtors

With this new option, you now have the ability to forward a copy of the Court Notices directly to the debtor from within Notices.


11.  Options to Export Data to Excel
12.  Added option to mark messages as read or assign to a category without having to manually open each one
13.  Added the Print Receipt button back to Payments tab
14.  Added Phone LookUp/Verification
15.  Agenda List – Added today/tomorrow title header
16.  Added option to “not process” through JubileePayments
17.  Client Signature Name Override
18.  Added a link to register for BKPacket within the application
19.  Added option to move emails in Bulk and Mark Messages as Read in Bulk for Jubilee Notices
20.  Needed easy option to add new Contact from the New Message window
21.  Added option to show ALL cases on Case tab
22.  Added option to Sort Creditor List by Proof of Claim
23.  Notices – Ability to share cases with clients/other parties
24.  Client Portal Payments – Added reCaptcha



What Our Customers Are Saying

Best Cloud Case Document Tracker. It is easy to use and logically laid out. It is still new, but all the years of experience that LegalPRO Systems has had with I-Got-Notices has been put to good use in this product.

Alexander Wathen

Wathen & Associates

I like that it automatically sends my notices to my software and calanders them for me.

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson Law Firm

I switched to Jubilee after using Best Case for nearly 10 years. Jubilee is much more cost effective and user friendly. Additionally, as an Apple comp...


Verna Bash-Flowers

Attorney Verna Bash-Flowers

We have been a long time user of previous iterations of I Got Notices and Jubilee Notices is by far the best version. The layout of the notices and ease of opening attached documents making the review of a case extremely efficient.

David Shuster

Shuster Law, PLLC

It has been my pleasure to work with Grace Farmer with Virtual Paralegal Services through LegalPRO. She has proven herself competent, efficient and co...


T. Bullock


With Version 5, LegalPRO made a great program (I-Got-Notices) even better. I now rate I-Got-Notices as indispensable. Customer service is still the best in the industry.


I switched to Jubilee after using Best Case for nearly 10 years. Jubilee is much more cost effective and user friendly. Additionally, as an Apple computer user, I am ecstatic that I can now use my Apple to prepare Petitions! Before I had to keep a PC just for preparing Petitions. Customer Service at Jubilee is fantastic. No matter what representative I get, they are friendly and knowledgeable and stay with you until your issue is resolved.

Verna Bash-Flowers

Attorney Verna Bash-Flowers

It has been my pleasure to work with Grace Farmer with Virtual Paralegal Services through LegalPRO. She has proven herself competent, efficient and cost effective. She is extremely knowledgeable in both the chapter 7 and chapter 13 realms and has been adaptable to the subtle differences in the local rules associated with my bankruptcy district. Without prompting, she has followed up with actual and potential issues affecting my filings. I look forward to a long lasting professional association.

T. Bullock