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July 16th, 2020

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CARES Act and Local Plan Changes

While we recognize there is an immediate crisis in the world, we cannot solve it alone. We, like most of you, are a small business. Implementing the global changes to calculations for a 7-year plan is a major undertaking but can (and will) be accomplished. That’s effectively one change. Minor form changes to the Official Forms can be handled in an expeditious manner as well.

But we must ask for your forbearance if local forms and plans are changed wholesale. We have an incredible staff of programmers, but our production capacity has limits. There are not any magical elves who come into our office every night and reprogram hundreds of thousands of lines of code. (The elves are evidently still too busy making shoes.)

We will do our best to keep up with changes required immediately by the CARES Act, but we need all our bankruptcy firms to actively communicate with their local judges and trustees about changes they will be making to their chapter 13 plans and local forms. We cannot have a repeat of December 2017 when dozens of districts rolled their own unique plans out based on the new national plan all at once.

We will gladly work with Judges and Trustees to get changes made in a timely fashion, but if they don’t need to be made all at once on a moment’s notice, the implementation would be a much smoother transition.

We appreciate your support over the years and thank you for making us feel like part of the Bankruptcy community. As we have been hearing a lot lately:

We’ll get through this together.


What Our Customers Are Saying

It has been my pleasure to work with Grace Farmer with Virtual Paralegal Services through LegalPRO. She has proven herself competent, efficient and co...


T. Bullock


(Jubilee notices) is very user friendly for someone who does not have an IT dept. I use it everyday and love it.

Todd Hertzberg

Hertzberg Law Firm of Arkansas, P.A.

I have used Jubilee Notices since it came out. I like having all the pleadings downloaded in one place where I can find them.

Margaret Travis

Travis Law Office

Jubilee's customer support is of the highest quality. I called on either Memorial Day or July 4th of 2017 and even got assistance and NOT just an answering service. After that I knew I would forever be a client of theirs.

Kendall Radley

Fiduciary Professional Services

Good software and good service.


I-Got-Notices saves you a lot of time to download all your free looks from PACER in a few moments and stores them in your database. Your savings in PACER charges and time easily pays for the I-Got-Notices software.


It has been my pleasure to work with Grace Farmer with Virtual Paralegal Services through LegalPRO. She has proven herself competent, efficient and cost effective. She is extremely knowledgeable in both the chapter 7 and chapter 13 realms and has been adaptable to the subtle differences in the local rules associated with my bankruptcy district. Without prompting, she has followed up with actual and potential issues affecting my filings. I look forward to a long lasting professional association.

T. Bullock


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