JubileeBK is a complete and intuitive online bankruptcy software for the legal professionals.

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At a time when remote work from home is a necessity, we’d like to offer you some help! You can use our cloud-based bankruptcy software, JubileeBK, free for 60 days.

JubileeBK supports Chapters 7, 11, and 13 filings and is compliant with all CM/ECF courts.

JubileeBK supports Chapters 7, 11, and 13 filings and is compliant with all CM/ECF courts.

There is no commitment required to use JubileeBK after returning from your office to normal business and no credit card will be required to complete the requests and file a complaint (other than the normal court fees).

Electronic Filing

Step-by-Step Data Entry

JubileeBK prepares all Federal Official Forms and quickly walks you through the steps of filing.

Auto-Populate repeated fields. No need to enter data twice. USPS address verification. Customizable defaults for jurisdictions and courts.


A Means Test Calculator, an Exemption Calculator and, Chapter 13 Plan Calculator are included.

Multi-Vendor Integration

JubileeBK integrates with many third-party vendors to help you get the job done quickly.

Creditor Database

Use the Creditor List to pre-populate creditor addresses and maintain a list of current information for each one.

Reduce Costs

JubileeBK offers a monthly or annual subscription or the occasional filer with our pay-as-you go option.

Get the Best Support

Get answers quickly from knowledgeable and experienced staff with live telephone support.

A Complete Online Bankruptcy Software

Electronic Signatures

Send electronic request of final documents for debtors' signatures. Track the status of the requests from within the case. Receive emailed receipt once signing is complete.

Online Legal Payments

Set up a billing plan. Send electronic invoices to your clients. Receive secure payments online or over the phone with a debit, check and or family member’s credit card.

Organizes your court emails. Saves attached documents. Schedules every event date automatically.

Court Notices

Text message clients right from inside a case. Get notifications when you get a text message. Get a new phone number to match with your firm's identity.

Text Messaging

A Complete Online Bankruptcy Software

What Our Customers Are Saying

Excellent, I would not go anywhere else, they get back to us immediately, the price is very reasonable and the staff is amazing, Bobby and Seville are longtime friends of our firms.

Robert J. Adams & Associates

Use JubileeBK for Free for 60 Days!

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No commitment & no credit card required.