Jubilee, our online bankruptcy software, is priced at an affordable flat base rate for all firms, which includes 36 annual filings. For firms that file more than 36 cases a year, we charge an additional per case fee. To maintain our business model, we do not offer large volume discounts on our Jubilee per case pricing.

Volume discounting makes sense when the vendor can pass on savings to clients through bulk packaging or shipping or some other kind of waste reduction. However, with our cloud service, each bankruptcy case you enter into Jubilee adds to our expenses for bandwidth and storage and, therefore, we simply have no savings to pass on.

Jubilee’s per case pricing is a proportional fee-based system that properly and fairly bills firms for the benefits received by each.  Large filers pay more than smaller filers, but everyone pays in proportion to their use and, presumably, in proportion to their revenues.

Firms should also realize that in moving to a cloud based system, they will no longer need to maintain large servers or worry about backup systems.  In fact, your IT bill should be significantly reduced, which is, in effect, how Jubilee can save high volume firms some money.

Everyday more bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals are discovering how simple and easy it is to use Jubilee.