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    This How-To PDF gives instructions on how to complete different tasks in Jubilee. To use this PDF, on the Table of Contents page, click the desired topic and you will be taken to the according section in the PDF. To get back to the Table of Contents page, click the blue arrow pointing upward located next to each topic.

    Here is a breakdown of the different topics that are covered in this PDF:

    Adding My Attorney Bar Number; Adding an Office; Adding Users; Entering Your ECF Login & Password; Filing a Bare Bones Case; Filing a Case; Filing Remaining Docs in a Bare Bones Case; Ordering a Credit Report; Importing a Credit Report; Connecting Your Account to National Data Center (NDC); Linking, Re-Linking & De-Linking a Case to National Date Center (NDC); Adding Creditors; Adding Income for a Non-Filing Spouse; Adding Liable Parties; Applying Exemptions; Manually Assign a Creditor to a Chapter 13 Plan Section; Setting a Workflow Step; Unlocking a Case; Adding Special Chapter 13 Plan Provisions; Changing Watermarks; Printing Forms; Printing a Client Packet; Uploading Forms & Documents; Creating an Account; Starting a New Case; Copying a Paycheck; Setting Defaults: Forms, Filing Jurisdiction, Exemptions, Required Noticing Parties, Tasks.

    How-To PDF

    To see a list of all our PDFs click here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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