There are no absolute guarantees in life, other than death and taxes as Ben Franklin said, but we want you to know how confident you can be with your data not being lost in the Jubilee cloud.  We do not maintain the servers, but rather use Microsoft’s Azure platform.  Microsoft is a billion-dollar company with a history as long as the PC.  They don’t mess around when it comes data security regarding accidental loss and hacking.  Our Jubilee databases are backed up multiple time each day and copies are stored in geo-redundant locations – all inside the United States.  We recently did a test restoration of our database into a test server with 100% success.  We feel strongly that you can trust us not to lose your data.

What about saving a copy locally, does Jubilee offer that?   The problem with this scenario is that the database changes over time – rather often in fact, and so the files you saved two weeks ago are probably already incompatible.  Furthermore, how often do you really want to save them and how much space do you want to consume?  The whole point of the cloud is to relieve the client from these tasks – that’s part of what you should be paying for.  Jubilee will offer export options to CSV files for those who want or need their data, but day to day, Azure should have you more than adequately covered.

Some firms pay over $1,000 each month for IT services to maintain their desktop systems and software.  They feel they have more control that way both in being backed up and continuous access.  We are confident, however, that they aren’t anywhere close to being as protected as they would be in Jubilee.  Also, while temporary internet failures can certainly shut down your cloud software, it pretty much stops everything else you do as well:  email, electronic filing, PACER, etc.…  You could have a secondary internet provider ready for much less than a grand a month.  No local IT firm will be able to match what Azure does.

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