The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.


1. New features

  • Client Document Portal


2. User requests

  • Added Support for SCB, NYSB, MIWB and, WIEB Chapter 13 Plans
  • NYNB – Updated Plan Effective 12/1/2020
  • KSB Plan – Needed an option to enter “Not Signed” on the debtor signature line per form instructions
  • Updated New Filing Fee Amounts Effective 12/1/2020
  • INSB – Updated Chapter 13 Plan Effective 12/1/2020
  • Enabled Support for MIWB NextGen 11/23/2020
  • Updated ALSB Plan Effective Nov. 2020
  • Enabled Support for TXWB NextGen 11/16/2020


3. Improvements in Jubilee

  • ALNB Plan Logic Improvements
  • Copy Case – Resolved issue with the Save and Close button
  • IGN Export Tool – Resolved Login Error
  • NJB Plan – Resolved Formatting Issue on First Page
  • Import from Clio – Improved Formatting On Import Screen for Some Case Types
  • KSB – Resolved issue with section 3.4 Employer in Ind. Case
  • Not printing other deductions text on Sch. I line 5h
  • KSB Plan – Resolved Issue with Section 1 Checkboxes (Included/Not Included)
  • ALMB Plan – Improved Logic for Plan Payment Frequency
  • HIB Plan – Resolved Issue with Additional Payments section
  • TXWB Plan – Adjusted logic for Section 7.1 Attorney Fees
  • Fixed issue with creditor interest override in TXSB Plan Modification
  • Jubilee Notices – Fixed hidden Notices when case status is set to Discharged
  • Fixed Alias FDBA typo
  • VAEB Chapter 13 Plan – Corrected Automatic Logic for Section 6A & 6B
  • Calendar Events – Resolved issue when moving all day events
  • Means Test added description for income from other sources section when its $0.00
  • Resolved filing script for Subchapter V case in TXSB
  • Resolved MIEB Amend. Coversheet – not showing Noticing parties
  • Updated Divisions for AREB
  • KSB Plan – Added Attorney Email in Signature Block
  • KSB Plan – Resolved Issue with section 7.1 Domestic Support
  • Conversations – Resolved issue saving participant
  • MIWB Plan – Resolved Paid In Full issue

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