A client informed us of a recent memo from the U.S District Court in Northern Texas that stated:

“Some attorneys have added third-party resellers of court records as secondary recipients of their ECF notices. These resellers take docket text and documents they receive from the court’s ECF system and resell the information, typically through a subscription service.

Please be aware if you have added a reseller as a secondary recipient in ECF, the reseller will receive the same Ex Parte and Sealed docket text that you receive as an attorney. By adding a reseller as a secondary recipient of ECF notices, you might cause information that is harmful to your client to be posted publicly.”

We want to assure you that we do not share or sell any data that we collect and organize on your behalf in our software.  All data in I-Got-Notices and BankruptcyPRO resides on your own hard drives and all data collected by Jubilee is kept private to your firm as well.

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