Navigate back and forth between the Clio and Jubilee platforms with ease.


Jubilee offers a first-class option for Clio customers who wish to manage bankruptcy cases, text message to clients and track their Court notices without additional work!

The integration will allow lawyers to continue to use Clio as their firm’s management software while using Jubilee to file bankruptcy petitions, textMessage or Notices without having to worry about constantly updating their data. All common information will be synchronized between Clio and Jubilee.



Integration details and benefits


Jubilee Bankruptcy

Jubilee Bankruptcy is an intuitive online bankruptcy software for the legal professionals. Navigate back and forth between the Clio and Jubilee platforms, and file electronically a bankruptcy case with Jubilee Bankruptcy.


  • Electronic filing
  • Step-by-step data entry
  • Calculators
  • Multi-vendor integration
  • Creditor database


Jubilee Notices saves time and money by capturing every detail and document from court emails. By integrating Jubilee Notices into your Clio account, all your legal emails are recorded, organized and easily accessible from the Clio platform.


  • Automatically save “free look” PDF documents and link them to the case to automatically create a docket style view of the case activity.
  • Quickly filter your court notices by subject, docket text, date, case name, case number, or creditor name (from filed claims).
  • Critical dates and Hearings will automatically be posted to the Jubilee calendar from the docket text of the notices.


The Clio + Jubilee TextMessaging integration allows you to have real-time text-message conversations with your clients and prospects from the Jubilee web-based interface.


  • Real-time text messaging
  • Phone number provided
  • Scheduled and recurring messages
  • Automatic notifications

"Cloud based; bells and whistles; customer support is outstanding. The program does what it is expected to do in the preparation of a bankruptcy case."

Lusky & Associates, PC

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