Jubilee CreditView™

Better Price, Better Service

A Better Way To Get Your Client's Credit Data

Jubilee CreditView™ is a unique service where your clients can order their credit report and you can import the data into your case file.


The creditor information can be imported directly onto the schedules to help avoid data entry errors and save time! Jubilee CreditView™ is a new service offered by Jubilee for $24.95 which includes a 3 bureau credit report and 3 months of credit monitoring for the debtor.

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1.   Industry First! Client Self Service Portal with Flexible Attorney or Debtor Payment Options

2.   Save Time and Increase Accuracy

Creditor information will import seamlessly into the schedules & creditor matrix

3.   Save Money with Affordable Prices

3-bureau credit report and 3-month credit monitoring & score for only $24.95 (per debtor)

How it works


1. Login to Jubilee and select Jubilee CreditView™.


2. Before to import your client's data, choose between Firm Pay and Client Pay.
If you select the Client Pay option, you will be given the invitation link to send to your client by text/email.


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3. By clicking on the link, your client is taken to an information page where they can start the import process and pay for the order.


4. When the import is completed by your client, you will receive an automated email from Jubilee.


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5. In Jubilee, you will have access to the creditors and select the ones you want to import into the schedules.


6. That's it!


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