Last September, we sold our first dozen Jubilee licenses, and by the end of 2016, clients filed 23 cases in our first year. One year later we are celebrating steady increases for 12 months straight and looking forward far into the future.

Here at LegalPRO Systems, we are the nation’s second largest* bankruptcy software provider with the rock-solid and venerable BankruptcyPRO desktop application that’s been filing cases for over 25 years.

That’s important because that means Jubilee has the foundation and support to develop over the long term rather than wondering how long we can stick around before the well runs dry.

Jubilee users who have overcome a few bug bites along the way as Jubilee progresses will be rewarded, in many ways, but especially with the knowledge that your investment in time and effort will not one day disappear.

*Second to CIN’s BestCase/EZ-Filing/New Hope amalgamation