Jubilee will soon have its electronic noticing feature up and running to download, scan, and organize all your ECF mail. Having this done on remote servers and instantly available to you will be unbelievably simple and convenient. We haven’t settled on a name for it yet (Jubilee Notices, I-Got-Notices Cloud, or something else), but it will be tightly integrated into Jubilee and also available separately for non-subscribers.

Another important feature is our integration with the National Data Center.  This will allow Jubilee to automatically retrieve debtor receipts and creditor disbursements in each case so you can easily know who’s getting behind and who’s getting paid.  Jubilee will alert you to cases that have issues so that you can deal with them in a timely fashion while they can still be resolved.

Finally, the staff has been hard at work creating web videos on how to use Jubilee.  These will be available from our website and forums.  If watching videos is your preferred method of learning, this should be a great addition for you.