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Feb 4th, 2021

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The Answer To Robust Client Communication

Jubilee TextMessaging is an easy-to-use online texting tool created for Law Firms. Engage your clients via text message right within your matter on Jubilee.

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Start Today Improving the Efficiency of Your Firm With Jubilee textMessaging


Real-Time Text Messaging
    • Text message your clients right from within your case.
    • Include anyone with a text-message enabled device or any user in your firm.
    • Unlimited number of conversations.


Professional Phone Numbers Provided
    • Assign a local phone number to match your firm’s identity. How does it work? When you sign up for Messaging, you will be asked to select a phone number with the area code of your choice.
    • No need to give your personal cell phone number anymore to text message your client.

Automatic Notifications
    • Real-time responses are within a case. There is no need to check e-mails for replies.
    • Attorneys get notifications when they get a text message from anyone who texts them with the phone number.


Schedule and Recurring Messaging
Schedule a message to be sent at any date and time in the future. Set-up daily or weekly text reminders with your own custom message.

More Benefits With Jubilee textMessaging

Reduce Costs

Enjoy affordable pricing that adjusts to your needs, with unlimited users allowed. Learn more.

Get the Best Support

Get answers quickly from knowledgeable and experienced staff with live telephone support. Learn more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the user-friendliness of BankruptcyPRO & I-Got-Notices. The programs are awesome!! You guys are by far the best tech support group ever!


I have used Jubilee Notices since it came out. I like having all the pleadings downloaded in one place where I can find them.

Margaret Travis

Travis Law Office

Honestly, Jubilee Notices is great, and I cannot think of anything I do not like about it. Jubilee Notices gives me peace of mind and it is very intuitive. Prior to using Jubilee Notices, I used a different Notices software and I never figured out how to use it. Jubilee Notices is much easier.

Rebecca Moughon

Law Office of Rebecca Moughon

I love it. For me is the best bankruptcy software in the market.

Not Displayed

I am a solo practitioner, and had my own assistant who did all my Chapter 7’s for 20+ years, but she recently retired. The transition to working wit...


L. Howe


Good software and good service.


I am a solo practitioner, and had my own assistant who did all my Chapter 7’s for 20+ years, but she recently retired. The transition to working with Grace [from LegalPRO Services] was very easy, and I felt completely comfortable with and confident of her abilities. She has a very thorough understanding not only of the forms, but also how the forms interact with each other, as well as being an expert with the BankruptcyPRO software. We have never met in person, but the exchange of information was also easy, and through a combination of emails, downloads, and phone calls (for which she was always available) we were able to work efficiently and effectively to get all the forms as well as many revisions into the final product – and she even filed the case for me! I would happily recommend her.

L. Howe