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Updates for the week of September 10, 2018

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Purchase and unlock business cares from within the case. You no longer need to call us to purchase a business case. Simply click the lock button icon, pay and you’re done.

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Plans added/updated in Jubilee

  • HIB

LAEB ECF Updated Support

Jubilee ECF filing has been updated to accommodate the requirements of LAEB. Schedules A-J and MeansTest will automatically be broken out and filed individually. No need to file schedules manually, Jubilee will do it for you. We’ve also expanded e-file support to include amended schedules.

TXSB Chapter 13 Plan

Added support for the new Version 1.2 plan forms. Note: The Plan Modification Forms are still in development.

Recurring Billing Plans

Now you can change the payment method with ease. Update the credit card details or change to ACH withdrawals in two clicks.

Forms 106A(Real and Personal Property) & Form 107 (SOFA)

Collapsible sections – we’ve added the option to hide the sections without any data. Simple your form, reduce unnecessary pages and make it easier to read.

Added special option to quickly mark all creditors as Community Property.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Doing TIME is a great time keeping program. (And) your support program is great.

James S.

Best Cloud Case Document Tracker. It is easy to use and logically laid out. It is still new, but all the years of experience that LegalPRO Systems has had with I-Got-Notices has been put to good use in this product.

Alexander Wathen

Wathen & Associates

The customer service at Jubilee is the best I've encountered. I've previously used E-Z Filing and Best Case and the Jubilee staff is hands-down the best. Jubilee is working constantly to upgrade the software and make sure it is competitive with the other options. It has come leaps and bounds in the one-year since I started using it.

Susan Long

The Law Offices of Susan S. Long

I-Got-Notices saves you a lot of time to download all your free looks from PACER in a few moments and stores them in your database. Your savings in PACER charges and time easily pays for the I-Got-Notices software.


The ease of use and navigation of the system makes filing a case a breeze. Your staff helped me file my first bankruptcy by myself for the attorney I ...



Good software and good service.


The ease of use and navigation of the system makes filing a case a breeze. Your staff helped me file my first bankruptcy by myself for the attorney I work for. The staff member who assisted me taught me more in the 15-30 minutes they spent with me than I learned from the attorney or the previous assistant who filed the cases for his office. I could not believe how easy the process was and would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to consider adding bankruptcy to their law practice.