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Oct 1st, 2020

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What’s New In Jubilee

The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.

New feature!

  • Added the Clio Integration.
  • Add User Defined Drop down Menu for Financial Management Providers.

New form:

  • Added Support for NYNB Chapter 13 Plan.
  • Added Support for MOEB Chapter 13 Plan.

User Requests:

  • Notices – Added Select All option for Quick PDF Export.
  • Attorney Disclosure – added option to strike thru instead of remove excluded sections.
  • Added warning when Credit Counseling Certificate has expired and client has to obtain a new one.
  • Added Date of Birth to the Contact Export CSV file.
  • Built support to order credit reports from MFI Credit Solutions.
  • Allowed multiple ECF filing logins per Jurisdiction.
  • Court Notices – Improved search performance.
  • Added .wpd to approved upload extensions.
  • Added checkbox per asset category to default “Property Necessary…” to Asset Templates.
  • Prepared/Created Proof of Claims.
  • Added Template for Common Assets to Matter Templates.
  • Added Support for MNB – Local Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor.
  • Added Support for MNB – Conversion of Case by Debtor.
  • Added Support for MNB – Chapter 12 or 13 Debtors Certifications Regarding DSO.

Improvements in Jubilee:

  • Fixed client payment link in some emails.
  • Sorting on POC on All Creditors Tab Not Working Properly.
  • Fixed error with ordering CIN Report when special characters in debtor name.
  • Fixed removing recent contacts from dashboard.
  • Added Autauga County listed as a County in the State of Alabama.
  • NFS showing up on Sch I and Sum.
  • Fixed not printing non filing spouses income on 122A of the MT form.
  • Monthly Expenses Display within Jubilee should match line 22c from Sch. J.
  • Fixed not selecting the Firm/Preparer info on the Proof of Claim.
  • Cases in Jubilee do not Sync to PP as a Matter – Only sending contact info.
  • Fixed not saving Chapter 13 Details Page unless you select a Plan Payment.
  • Fixed bug where Mortgage arrearage claim amount does not populate the amount on the Means Test 122A-2, but does check the arrearage box.
  • MFI Solution import – Noticing Party importing.
  • Chapter 7 MT – Line 41a. – Needed to include unsecured portion of priority creditors in calculation.
  • Added a way to set start month for interest for a creditor in TXSB Mod.
  • OHNB – Fixed filing Barebones Case.
  • Messaging – Text Conversation to Prospect or Other Contact Needed to Move to BK Case.
  • Populate Credit Counseling pdf from the Credit Counseling tab on some Mac computers.
  • Fixed Issues with Hourly Fee Disclosure Option.
  • Improved performance when opening Income Summary.
  • Removed HTML from local form MIEB Statement of Attorney for Debtor(s) Pursuant to F.R. Bankr.P. 2016(b).
  • Disability Income for MT should be mapped to Other Income on Sch I.
  • When Creating New Joint Case We were Not Saving Debtor 1 Address to Case.
  • Added Non Filing Spouse Button Creates Duplicate Entry in some situations.
  • Lien/Equity Calculations are now accurate in some situations when Import BKPacket and edit in Jubilee.
  • Calendar – Fixed Issue with correct day getting selected after 6:00PM CST.
  • Field printing payment in FLMB Plan.
  • Verification of Creditor Matrix – Conformed signature is always printing for business cases.
  • Fixed COB Trustee Information Sheet.
  • Fixed print button in order to print list of notices.
  • Sch J2 – Needed to exclude “Homeownership Expenses” from “Monthly Expenses” total in budget summary.
  • Edited logix to calculate adequate protection on the value of the asset.
  • Fixed swapping debtor roles.
  • MIEB Local Form Cover Sheet for Amendments Update Fee Amount.
  • Fixed Schedule I page when adding more than 15 other expenses under paragraph 21.
  • Fixed Form 101.
  • Marked a task as complete removes filter.
  • Resolved error deleting saved credit card within user profile.
  • Judge’s signature and signed date should not print on proposed orders: TXSB Local Forms: Order for ACH Payments and Order for EFT Payments, Wage Deduction Order. It’s okay to indicate the debtor(s) signed, but not the Judge.
  • CAEB – Filing Fee Installment creating a duplicate event.
  • Local form MIEB Attorney Fee Disclosure populates exclusions in paragraph 5.
  • Auto Refresh Counts on Dashboard.
  • Fixed display issue with Case Status on top toolbar.
  • MOEB Plan – NFS info coming in as the clients name.
  • OKWB – Added option to Verification of Creditor Matrix to exclude the Division.
  • Jubilee reloads when creating a Note in Internet Explorer.

What Our Customers Are Saying

No matter what we need help with, you are there. I have never worked with anyone there that I did not like and did not solve the problem. You are 110% – at least! Thank you for many years of great help. I wish AT&T could take lessons from you all on how to verbally communicate what the problem is and fix it promptly!


Jubilee's customer support is of the highest quality. I called on either Memorial Day or July 4th of 2017 and even got assistance and NOT just an answering service. After that I knew I would forever be a client of theirs.

Kendall Radley

Fiduciary Professional Services

Best Cloud Case Document Tracker. It is easy to use and logically laid out. It is still new, but all the years of experience that LegalPRO Systems has had with I-Got-Notices has been put to good use in this product.

Alexander Wathen

Wathen & Associates

I-Got-Notices saves you a lot of time to download all your free looks from PACER in a few moments and stores them in your database. Your savings in PACER charges and time easily pays for the I-Got-Notices software.


I am a solo practitioner, and had my own assistant who did all my Chapter 7’s for 20+ years, but she recently retired. The transition to working wit...


L. Howe


Jubilee allows us to have multiple users working on each case from various locations. It allows us to access information much more quickly and reliably without having to deal with physical servers. It is user-friendly and looks like it was created in the 2010s, not the 1980s.

Rick Abelmann

Abelmann Peterson LLC

I am a solo practitioner, and had my own assistant who did all my Chapter 7’s for 20+ years, but she recently retired. The transition to working with Grace [from LegalPRO Services] was very easy, and I felt completely comfortable with and confident of her abilities. She has a very thorough understanding not only of the forms, but also how the forms interact with each other, as well as being an expert with the BankruptcyPRO software. We have never met in person, but the exchange of information was also easy, and through a combination of emails, downloads, and phone calls (for which she was always available) we were able to work efficiently and effectively to get all the forms as well as many revisions into the final product – and she even filed the case for me! I would happily recommend her.

L. Howe