The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.


1. User requests

  • Removed requirement for Credit Counseling Provider name,
  • Added Copy Address button to Contact page,
  • Added option to delete Non Filing Spouse,
  • Added default options for 2 step verification on login page,
  • E-Sign: Generate E-Sign Code buttons,
  • E-Sign: Upload custom documents,
  • Added to Case – Search Issue,
  • Court Notices – Save sent history for shared messages.

2. Improvements in Jubilee

  • Fixed enable button to delete/remove noticing parties,
  • MOWB – Fixed correct values for Chapter 13 Plan when filing,
  • Resolved issue with Sch. J Not showing Home Ownership Expense in Line 4,
  • Form 106J – Print 0.00 instead of leaving some fields empty,
  • VAEB Plan – Not printing date and time of Modified Plan Confirmation Hearing,
  • Resolved print error with VAEB Special Notice to Creditor,
  • HIB Plan – Edit Logic for Feasibility Test,
  • Means Test – Resolved issue with duplicate Debt Payments in some situations,
  • Form 106AB – Fixed Overlapping Text for bank accounts,
  • Jubilee Notices – Fixed sharing Notice with Client,
  • Payments – Fixed issue with some payments made using payment link in email not applied to invoice,
  • TXEB LF 3015-b (Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan) – Fixed checking Debt Maturing checkboxes,
  • Form 207 – Fixed parsing Balance field correctly,
  • Form 2830 – Missing Employer Data,
  • Credit Report – Fixed issue with Creditor Name/Address getting cleared on search,
  • TXSB Chapter 13 Plan – Long term debt with fixed payments of 0.00 should print on plan,
  • Added option to switch MFI Provider ID,
  • Practice Panther Integration: Resolved issue with duplicate MatterIDs,
  • TXNB Chapter 13 Plan – Added the bifurcated amount of secured claim in unsecured section,
  • Creditor Report Import – Fix issue showing credit report address when ‘Use Existing’ is selected,
  • Resolved – Plan calculator shows negative balances with no alerts or warnings,
  • Resolved issue where notification count sometimes duplicated,
  • LAMB Filing Script – Fixed issue with Joint Debtor Role Selection,
  • Resolved Court Notices Print error when using Edge,
  • Reolved – Case Overview needed to include Income from Non Filing Spouse,
  • Resolved – VAEB Plan not showing stair step payments on form,
  • Fixed issue with plan length selector on Estimator tab,
  • Fixed issue with Single Paycheck Entry and Twice Month Frequency,
  • Resolved – PracticePanther – Notes date is being changed,
  • MIEB Petition Coversheet – Resolve issue with not listing previous bankruptcies in chapter 7,
  • Form 106AB -Fix page break issue when form includes multiple real properties,
  • ALMB Plan – Resolved – Section 5.1 & 5.2 Need to Set option to Yes when Adequate Protection is Enabled for Creditor.
April 21, 2013

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April 21, 2013

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April 21, 2013

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