The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.


1. User requests

  • Added Support for ILNB NextGen 5/24/21
  • Expanded Task Description Box to be able to view more text
  • Added Support for AZB NextGen 6/28/21TXWB Plan Change - Edit text for special option for tax refunds 4.1
  • Added option to enter debtors social security number on main case creation window
  • Added Support for UTB NextGen 6/7/2021
  • Added Support for NYNB NextGen 6/7/2021
  • TXNB - Added Support for Plan update effective 5/17/21
  • Added events to upload pay advices for MNB
  • Added Support for New MT Numbers Effective 5/15/2021


2. Improvements in Jubilee

  • Removed Auto Filing Support for SSN in OKNB - Court doesn't accept electronically anymore
  • Improved logic to clear default exemptions
  • Resolved : OKWB Plan - Sec. 5A Filing Fee showing incorrect amount when set as Attached
  • Added Puerto Rico to SOFA #3 Drop Down
  • Resolved: Error Deleting Tasks off Agenda view
  • UTB - Need to add 2 other Divisions
  • Resolved: ALSB - Error filing individual case when filing fee is waived
  • NCEB - Changed Plan Auto Assignment for Student Loans
  • Resolved: MNB Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney For Debtor - showing html tag
  • COB Plan - Resolved issue with incorrectly checking above/below median income box


3. New Forms

  • Added support for CACB Local Form F3015-1.7 RARA
  • Added Support for CACB Local Form - 9013-1.2.OPPORTUNITY.HEARING.NOTICE
  • Added Support for CACB Local Form - 3015-1.19.APP.CH13.FEES.DMCON
  • Added Support for CACB Local Form - 3015-1.12.APP.CH13.FEES
  • Added Support for CACB Form 3015-1.08
  • Added Support for CACB - Notice of Section 341A
  • Added support for WIWB Payment Advice Cover Sheet
  • Added support for MIEB Amendment Cover Sheet (updated 12/20)+B2

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