The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.


1. User requests

  • Added support for MNB NextGen effective 3/22/21
  • Added button to use Debtor/Dependents Count for the Means Test
  • Improved logic for Notice only creditors from Credit Report Imports
  • Added support for IDB switching to NextGen 3/8/2021
  • Added support for ALMB switching to NextGen 3/8/2021
  • Resolved - Needed to disassociate time entries from Invoice when deleting the invoice
  • Added support for WIEB switching to NextGen 3/1/21
  • WAWB - Added support for filing MT as separate event on every case
  • Added support for CANB switching to NextGen 2/16/21
  • SOFA Line 6 - Removed Requirement for Amount Still Owed Field
  • Added Support for KYEB moving to NextGen 2/22/21
  • Added Support for DEB switching to NextGen 2/15/21
  • Added E-Sign support for OKWB plan


2. Improvements in Jubilee

  • Resolved - Means Test error when opening Income of Inactive client
  • Improved Search for Billing Plans
  • Form 2030 Edit Formatting and added the ability to edit the certification clause
  • Resolved - KSB Plan Issue with Pay Orders section
  • Billing Plan - Corrected logic for Every Other Week Frequency
  • TXSB Plan - Resolved Issue when leaving Escrow field empty but user assigns payments
  • Resolved OHNB Decl. Electronic Filing - incorrectly checking the checkbox for "I, the Joint Debtor, do not have a Social Security Number." when there is no Joint Debtor
  • MIWB - Corrected Automatic Filing Script for Attorney Disclosure
  • Resolved - OKWB not able to file Debtor 1 & Debtor 2 Certificate of Credit Counseling
  • Resolved - Doc Portal - Client User isn't available to select on New Doc Request
  • Resolved - New Text messages conversations weren't using contact cell
  • Case & Data Import: Fixed return error message when login was invalid
  • Resolved - Payments page in Contact includes declined amounts in the "Payments Approved" sum
  • OKWB - Resolved fields required when Credit counseling doesn't apply
  • National Plan - Added support for Additional Plan Payments
  • Resolved - Jubilee hangs when Entering Business to SOFA with EIN on first page
  • Resolved - Form 106H - Display issue with multiple Sched. Line numbers
  • Resolved - OKWB Need to remove case number from creditor matrix
  • Resolved - OKWB Fix Court Event we select for Plan Filing
  • Resolved - E-Sign Incorrect warning that the 2830 form doesn't have a signature
  • Resolved - Error message when Logo image is too large for Doc Portal

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