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July 16th, 2020

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What’s New In Jubilee (May 2020)

The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.

User Requests:

  • Added E-sign for CAEB local forms,
  • KSB – Added Support For NextGen Effective 6/1/2020,
  • Added Option to Quickly Create Multiple Assets,
  • Messaging: added support for receiving/viewing images,
  • Text Messages – Added Search Conversations Feature,
  • Enabled Dark Mode Theme.
  • CACB – Added automatic filing support for “Declaration By Debtor(s) As To Whether Income Was Received From An Employer Within 60 Days of the Petition Date”,
  • Added support for BankruptcyPRO Button to link to Jubilee.

Improvements in Jubilee:

  • Needed to be able to enter creditor interest rate over 100%,
  • PracticePanther – Removed “Create New” option when importing Contact to prevent duplicates,
  • PracticePanther – Imported Contact missing data,
  • Calendar – Resolved error when removing yourself and adding another as user assigned to event,
  • Fixed issue where we are not importing income and expenses from BKPacket,
  • Corrected misspelling in Form 103A application for individuals to pay the filing fee in installments,
  • Notices – Fixed docket Text Calendaring issue in some notices,
  • KSB – Adjusted logic to detect docket text section of some Notices,
  • TXSB Plan Summary – Show surrendered property,
  • Fixed formatting issue where a blank page is sometimes included in Means Test PDF,
  • Form 206 E/F – Part 3 others to be notified not printing in alphabetical order,
  • Means Test – Unable to save negative numbers on expenses,
  • Exemptions as of date updates with Case Filed on date,
  • Matter Templates – Fixed issue with some asset categories not being added to case.
  • Plan Recap Tab – Added “Additional Payments” to summary section,
  • KSB Local Form – Fixed issue with Declaration of Electronic Filing Omitting 0 when social starts with 0,
  • Send Message button now closes window on Create Conversion Page,
  • Added support for Electronic Signature for Declaration of Electronic Filing,
  • Fixed Error 500 when trying to view some Auto Events on Calendar or Agenda View,
  • IGN Export Tool – Fixed Issue Connecting to Jubilee.


What Our Customers Are Saying

I love the personal support and that your company actually listens to the recommendations made by actual users of your programs. I think it is a great continuation of the service that Charlie Fielder started so many years ago.


Customer service is the best. Always prompt and helpful in finding answers and solutions to simple or difficult problems.


Law Office of James Patrick Brady, Houston, TX

Jubilee allows us to have multiple users working on each case from various locations. It allows us to access information much more quickly and reliably without having to deal with physical servers. It is user-friendly and looks like it was created in the 2010s, not the 1980s.

Rick Abelmann

Abelmann Peterson LLC

Two things. First, I find BankruptcyPRO easy to use and complete in what it does. Second, customer service is terrific. I’ve always gotten very quic...



No matter what we need help with, you are there. I have never worked with anyone there that I did not like and did not solve the problem. You are 110% – at least! Thank you for many years of great help. I wish AT&T could take lessons from you all on how to verbally communicate what the problem is and fix it promptly!


We have been a long time user of previous iterations of I Got Notices and Jubilee Notices is by far the best version. The layout of the notices and ease of opening attached documents making the review of a case extremely efficient.

David Shuster

Shuster Law, PLLC

Two things. First, I find BankruptcyPRO easy to use and complete in what it does. Second, customer service is terrific. I’ve always gotten very quick attention to the few issues I have had, and the people I’ve talked to have been knowledgeable and helpful. Also, if new forms needed to be developed or implemented for our District, I’ve found that LegalPRO does that within a period of time that I find more than reasonable.


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