The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.


1. User requests

  • Added support for NextGen in AREB, ARWB, OKEB, OKNB, OKWB, MNB, CANB, CACB, MDB, NJB and, MAB.
  • Added Support for New MT Numbers Effective 4/1/2021
  • Improved SignNow error message when missing signature code
  • Added Option to Capitalize All Data on Petition
  • Improved logic for Filing Fee Paid through ALNB Plan
  • Added "Paste and Search" functionality
  • Added Support for HIB Plan Effective April 2021
  • Added Option to Copy Task Templates
  • Added Option to Copy Matter Templates and Apply to Existing cases


2. Improvements in Jubilee

  • Removed Requirement for Credit Counseling Time and Time Zone in all Juris other than OK
  • Resolved issue with Duplicate Associated Parties Displayed in Some Cases
  • Corrected filing script for MIWB Attorney Disclosure
  • Improved Logic to Auto Format SSN
  • Contact Phone Approved for Text Messages but have to Consent In New Conversation
  • Resolved Issue with OKWB filing CC Cert with Court - passing incorrect time
  • Corrected Issue with Duplicate Refunds Displayed
  • Corrected Filing Script Issue with IASB
  • TXNB - Corrected Issue filing using Case Upload
  • Added Labels to Qualified Retirement Expense Paycheck Deduction Section to Make It Easier To Use
  • YTD Deductions - Resolved error when changing Retirement amounts
  • Added "Do Not List" option for Chapter 7 Statement of Intentions
  • Added option to edit next billing date on Recurring Payments
  • National Plan - Added override options
  • CASB Declaration Electronic Filing - Resolved issue with missing Office address
  • TXSB Mod - Corrected Issue with Start Month for Interest Option

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