We don’t have a hard release date yet, but what we can do is tell you the current state of the system, what we’ve been busy doing, and what we have left to do.

Currently Jubilee is in beta testing. That means that it is almost functionally complete and selected clients along with our staff and development team are using the software and reporting exceptions (bugs). In the past two months over 197 exceptions have been fixed, but another 159 have been added. That might sound like a really error prone program, but many exceptions are as simple as a misspelled word, an improperly formatted field (like missing leading zeros in a social), or a button that doesn’t click. Some exceptions are a little more important such as a calculation that isn’t exact or data not getting populated everywhere it should in various forms. Working through bugs is a normal and expected part of the software development cycle – it’s not humanly possible to write a complex piece of software perfectly the first time.

The good news is that we are finding these bugs so that you won’t and they are relatively easy to fix. The really good news is that the performance of the software has not been an issue. We designed it from day one to be fast and efficient and the time we took to get it right has paid off. Any new piece of software, of the magnitude required to handle the United States bankruptcy code, is going to have these sorts of things to work out. Other than the fact that we wish we could release it today; Jubilee is coming along nicely and will be a great product when it’s finished.

So when might Jubilee be ready?

The best answer we feel we can give is before the year ends. We have some realistic hopes that it will be ready sooner, possibly much sooner, but we’d rather set a realistic time frame than one we have to keep pushing back again and again. For those who need to make decisions more quickly, remember that we have our desktop software, BankruptcyPRO, which can be used while you wait. It really isn’t as difficult as you might think to learn and use – especially with our great support staff always ready to help you out.

Here at LegalPRO Systems, we are focused on one thing – providing the best bankruptcy software on the market. We love what do and will stay focused on doing things the way no one else can. We will be here for the long haul and appreciate your patronage and patience. Please call or email us with any questions. and we will continue to keep you up to date as things progress.


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