How important is customer support to your business? Do you rank it as high as the service or product you offer? Alternatively, do you place it with pricing or product or service value?

At LegalPRO, we pride ourselves on providing excellent and quality support to everyone from potential customers to our paying clients.

Building Trust With Our Customers

Our goal is to help bankruptcy professional grow their bankruptcy practice. How do we do that? By listening and incorporating suggestions made by our clients into our software.

We also build trust with our customers by addressing technical issues in a timely fashion.  We live in a fast technology-driven world. So when companies such as Google and Microsoft make big and small changes to their products, everyone pays attention. Even us. Why? A slight change in one major software has a trickle-down effect on others.

Price versus Support

Yes, when firms are comparison shopping for new bankruptcy software, price does matter. However, so does customer service. Below are some questions all bankruptcy professionals should ask?

  • Is support included in the price? If not how much does it cost?
  • Do you offer support? If so, is it by phone, email or chat?
  • How do customers contact support?
  • What are your support hours?
  • How often can you contact support?

Everyday more bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals are discovering how simple and easy it is to use Jubilee.