We had another new Jubilee user who called us to say how incredibly excited they were that they easily went from start to filling without a hiccup or the need to ask for help.

Jubilee really is that easy and that good! The only current limiting factor is lack of support for local chapter 13 plans across the country and that issue is being addressed.

We will very quickly have most of Texas covered and will soon be moving into other states. Of course, if you do mostly Chapter 7’s or your local jurisdiction does not specify its own plan format, then Jubilee is ready for you now.

This past September was the first month we began charging for Jubilee’s use.

This was an important milestone that marked the passage of Jubilee from a beta program to a market ready software product.

If you haven’t tried it out yet,sign up for one of our webinars to see how it works –  our competitors certainly are…