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Simple Powerful Software for the Legal Professional

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January 30th, 2020

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Simple Powerful Software for the Legal Professional

Developing industry-leading easy to use software, supported by friendly and knowledgeable support professionals

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Petition Preparation, Electronic Filing & Case Management

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Save hundreds on your PACER bill.

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Finally a payment solution built for the legal professional

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The answer to robust client communication.

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Simple, pricing that adjusts to your needs.

We start with a lower monthly base price than the competition that covers annual usage for most firms.  Firms that file more will pay a little more, but only as they need it – and if you need it then things are going really well!

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Learn about the features that make us stand apart.

No one provides better support than we do.  Live telephone support by a staff knowledgeable and experienced in both the practice of bankruptcy and how the software works means you get answers quickly.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I like that it automatically sends my notices to my software and calanders them for me.

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson Law Firm

With Version 5, LegalPRO made a great program (I-Got-Notices) even better. I now rate I-Got-Notices as indispensable. Customer service is still the best in the industry.


I-Got-Notices saves you a lot of time to download all your free looks from PACER in a few moments and stores them in your database. Your savings in PACER charges and time easily pays for the I-Got-Notices software.


I have used Jubilee Notices since it came out. I like having all the pleadings downloaded in one place where I can find them.

Margaret Travis

Travis Law Office

We have been a long time user of previous iterations of I Got Notices and Jubilee Notices is by far the best version. The layout of the notices and ease of opening attached documents making the review of a case extremely efficient.

David Shuster

Shuster Law, PLLC

I am a solo practitioner, and had my own assistant who did all my Chapter 7’s for 20+ years, but she recently retired. The transition to working wit...


L. Howe


I am a solo practitioner, and had my own assistant who did all my Chapter 7’s for 20+ years, but she recently retired. The transition to working with Grace [from LegalPRO Services] was very easy, and I felt completely comfortable with and confident of her abilities. She has a very thorough understanding not only of the forms, but also how the forms interact with each other, as well as being an expert with the BankruptcyPRO software. We have never met in person, but the exchange of information was also easy, and through a combination of emails, downloads, and phone calls (for which she was always available) we were able to work efficiently and effectively to get all the forms as well as many revisions into the final product – and she even filed the case for me! I would happily recommend her.

L. Howe