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" I use Jubilee exclusively for my new bankruptcy practice because it's pay-as-you-go feature ensures that overhead cost for bankruptcy software does not destroy my practice in its infancy. It also has incredibly responsive and friendly customer service."

Boyd W.

"Cloud based; bells and whistles; customer support is outstanding. The program does what it is expected to do in the preparation of a bankruptcy case."

Lusky & Associates, PC

"Much cheaper than Best Case, yet just as reliable; easy to use; attorney-friendly"

Patricia W.

"Honestly, Jubilee Notices is great, and I cannot think of anything I do not like about it."

Rebecca M.

"I love how easy it is to navigate and use this software. Features at easy to find. Their customer support is amazing. The support staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They have wonderful "how to" resources. Their rates are very affordable. If you are not happy with your current bankruptcy software, I would highly recommend Jubilee."

Tanya B.

"I love the cloud-based program. Since we switch we no longer have the need for an expensive network, all we need is the internet. I have been with Legal Pro for over 10 years and they are the best. The support team is incredible, the program is easy to use and they update constantly."

Tina Christine A.

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At LegalPRO Systems we focus on providing the best bankruptcy software for small to mid-size firms with superior customer service and more affordable pricing options. As a closely held privately owned business we don’t answer to shareholders and can put our customers’ needs first, which has allowed us to create an extremely loyal client base over 30 years.

Keith Crusius, President


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The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.   1. User requests Added Support...
The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.   1. User requests Added support...
The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.   1. User requests Added support...
Please join us this Thursday in attending the virtual Happy Hour. Every other week they put on...
We felt the full brunt of the recent winter storm here in Texas. We rarely see...
Before you can use this feature in BankruptcyPRO, you will need to have a Jubilee...

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