Effective next year, we are changing the way we charge for the service by reducing the number of pricing tiers to just two:  $35/month for a subscription or $49/case in a pay-as-you-go non-subscription option.  The subscription option includes 36 annual filings each year.  This is the equivalent to the 1-3 per month we were offering in the PRO plan for the same monthly fee.

After 36 filings (in a calendar year) subscribers can purchase more filings in blocks of 10 or more for just $3.50 per case.  Jubilee will make it easy to purchase cases as needed within the program or you can simply estimate how many you will need for the year and purchase them up front.  Each year on January 1st, the included free filings will be replenished to 36, which will then be used before the purchased filings – the purchased filings roll over as long as the subscription is current. For those who prefer, you can optionally pay for the subscription on an annual basis with a small discount to $408.

Ultimately, this pricing plan scales nicely with larger filers paying more, but only for what they need – and it still includes unlimited user accounts.  It also keeps us priced lower than the competition – although quality wise, we really don’t think there is any competition.

We are also very excited that we are close to having our noticing feature ready for Jubilee.  Like our long-time desktop program, I-Got-Notices, it will follow and retrieve all your free-looks, cull out important dates and proofs of claim data, and present the information in various views that make sense to you. Having all the download and processing time working in the cloud along with the backed-up storage of the documents will make the whole process completely transparent and trouble free to the users.  We will keep you informed as we get further along with this feature.

Jubilee will just keep improving in the coming year with more local plans and forms, more features that make sense without unnecessary bloat, and of course, by continuing to listen to your feedback about how to make it better and better.

Thanks for being a Jubilee client and we hope you have a prosperous 2017!

Best wishes,

LegalPRO Systems, Inc.