Below is a list of jurisdictions Jubilee currently supports. The Electronic Filing includes the automated filing of the Petition/Schedules, Creditor Matrix, Chapter 13 Plan, Form 121, Means Test, Certificate of Credit Counseling, and Attorney Disclosure. If your jurisdiction is not supported then please contact our support to make a request.



Automated Filing (ECF)

Available Chapter 13 Plans

Plan Instructions

Alabama (Northern, Middle, Southern) Yes Yes
Alaska - -
Arizona Yes -
Arkansas (Eastern, Western) Yes -
California (Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern) Yes, Eastern** Central, Eastern
Colorado Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes -
Delaware Yes -
District of Columbia Yes Yes
Florida (Northern, Middle, Southern) Yes Yes
Georgia (Northern, Middle, Southern) Yes Northern, Middle
Guam - -
Hawaii Yes Yes
Idaho Yes -
Illinois (Northern, Central, Southern) Yes Northern (National Plan), Southern
Indiana (Northern, Southern) Yes Yes (Northern uses National Plan)
Iowa (Northern, Southern) Yes Yes (Both use National Plan)
Kansas Yes Yes
Kentucky (Eastern, Western) Yes Western (National Plan)
Louisiana (Eastern, Middle, Western) Eastern & Middle Eastern
Maine Yes -
Maryland Yes Yes
Massachusetts Yes Yes
Michigan (Eastern, Western) Yes Yes
Minnesota Yes Yes
Mississippi (Northern, Southern) Yes Yes
Missouri (Eastern, Western) Yes Eastern
Montana Yes -
Nebraska Yes -
Nevada Yes -
New Hampshire Yes Yes
New Jersey Yes Yes
New Mexico Yes -
New York (Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western) Yes Northern, Western (National Plan), Southern
North Carolina (Eastern, Middle, Western) Yes Eastern, Western
North Dakota NDB Eastern
Ohio (Northern, Southern) Yes Northern (National Plan)
Oklahoma (Northern, Eastern, Western) Yes Yes
Oregon Yes -
Pennsylvania (Eastern, Middle, Western) Yes -
Puerto Rico Yes -
Rhode Island - -
South Carolina Yes Yes
South Dakota Yes -
Tennessee (Eastern, Middle, Western) Yes Eastern, Western
Texas (Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western) Yes Yes
Utah Yes Yes (National Plan)
Vermont Yes Yes (National Plan)
Virginia (Eastern, Western) Yes Yes (Western uses National Plan)
Washington (Eastern, Western) Yes Western
West Virginia (Northern, Southern) Yes -
Wisconsin (Eastern, Western) Yes Eastern
Wyoming Yes Yes (National Plan)

The Eastern District of California does not use CM/ECF so we can not automatically file the case with Jubilee. However, the software can create the Petition packet, Verification of Master Address List, Statement of Social Security Number, Matrix as a text file, and the Debtor Statistical text file with the custom file names that are required by the court.


We are adding new plans regularly; if you don't see the plan you need available then let us know!