Bankruptcy is a complicated field, and a primary requirement in any bankruptcy software for any attorney or paralegal is case management features.

As we developed Jubilee, we incorporated and improved some key case management features from our desktop software BankruptcyPRO and DoingTIME.

Case management features available to subscription Jubilee users are Tasks, Activities, Case Timer, Billing and Invoices, and Calendars. Today we are highlighting our Billing and Invoice section.

Case Activities

The Case Activities page allows firms to keep track of timekeeping and is excellent for keeping track of billable items for fee applications.

Users can set the built-in timer to start automatically when accessing a case or control the timer manually. The timer is even smart enough to stop and start when accessing other case files or other sections of Jubilee.

Watch the video below to see the Billing and Invoices feature in action.


Upcoming Features

Our programmers are already hard at work with new billing and invoices features. They include:

  • Ability to create payment plan
  • Billing reconciliation with the National Data Center
  • Transfer billable case activities to client invoices with the billable time and rate
  • Create custom Invoice and Payment reports

Everyday more bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals are discovering how simple and easy it is to use Jubilee.