Bankruptcy Law & Rules

Bankruptcy is complicated. Despite being federal law, every jurisdiction has its own local rules, and those rules can be dozens of pages long. Infrequent bankruptcy filers should familiarize themselves with the rules as it could run into problems affecting your cases. There are too many pitfalls and traps which can cause a case to get dismissed. If you do not file often, contact your court’s help desk to determine where you could have a problem.

We often get calls from customers who thinks something went wrong with our software. It was easy to enter the data and file the case, but then the court says there is a deficiency. Every time, after a little research on our end, we can show that the attorney simply failed to follow their local rules.

What Our Software Does

Our software is a tool intended for qualified bankruptcy practitioners. Our software is NOT designed to replace attorneys, but to assist them. It requires professional legal judgment and decision-making. It requires a solid knowledge of the local rules and a feel for how the local trustees and judges will behave and what they expect.

Sometimes it pays to refer things out

We would advise any debtor against filing pro se and to hire an attorney. However, some inexperienced bankruptcy attorneys will turn the case over to their even less experienced paralegals. This is not fair to anyone – not to the paralegals, not to us (as we cannot answer legal questions), and it is definitely not fair to the client.

If what I am saying applies to you, there are two options: first, find a colleague who practices bankruptcy and refer your clients out – you will both benefit; second, you could use our virtual paralegal service. I say possibly, because even though our paralegals can competently enter data and ask the right questions to get the job done, they will still need to rely on your legal advice for various issues and they may not be 100% familiar with your local rules. Our paralegals will be happy to talk with you to determine if we are a good fit or not.

Everyday more bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals are discovering how simple and easy it is to use Jubilee.