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Feb 4th, 2021

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What’s New In Jubilee (August 2020)

The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.

User Requests:

  • Added support for ALSB and ILSB Plans,
  • BKPacket Import – Added delete existing data option when importing into existing case,
  • KSB – Added E-Sign support for local form Dec. For Electronic Filing,
  • Added “Consolidate Household Goods” option to BKPacket ImportAdded E-Sign support for business cases,
  • Added option to Print Case Name on Invoice,
  • Added option to add date to billable items on an invoice,
  • Improved format of Paycheck Details Report,
  • Added confirmation dialog for Deletes,
  • AZB: Added Automatic Filing Support for Pay Advices event,
  • Created ECFEvent: Added option to upload file,
  • Document Upload: Added Image/Camera option for mobile,
  • NJB Chapter 13 Plan Revision Effective 8/1/2020,
  • FLMB Plan Revisions Effective 8/1/2020,
  • KSB Plan – Added text field to override the Minimum EMA,
  • Added more space for the description in SOFA #22,
  • Added user default for filter selections,
  • SCB Upgrade to NextGen – 7/24/2020,
  • Added option to use Federal Non Bankruptcy Exemptions when using Federal Exemptions.

Improvements in Jubilee:

  • Resolved – Dashboard notes displays error when too much content,
  • Resolved – When conversation side bar is open, cant access settings/profile drop down,
  • Resolved – Issue with Former Address Data Entry of SOFA,
  • Fixed issue with Filing Fee Waiver – “Additional” Tab not saving correctly,
  • Fixed issue with Error Viewing MFI Credit Report,
  • ALMB Plan – Amended Box Doesn’t Stay Checked When Create PDF,
  • Resolved issue with Modifying Default Exemptions,
  • Fixed issue with feasibility test window not reporting the total correctly in some situations,
  • Fixed issue with Pop up Calendar partially cut off page – Filing Fees tab,
  • Added Esign support for FORM 103B Fee Waiver,
  • ALMB – Fixed Filing issue where Income Records for Debtor are filed as Joint Debtor,
  • Correct MT Income Details Attachment when using YTD Method,
  • Fixed Issue with Sch. D Reporting Unsecured Portion When Ownership Interest and Debtor Liabilty 50%,
  • Resolved – Means Test Income Details Attachment Printing Incorrect Income Label,
  • Resolved – TXSB Wage Order – missing debtor name,
  • Fixed error Status 500 when going to Plan Options tab in Creditor when Plan is not selected in Plan Manager,
  • Resolved – BKpacket Import Business info when importing,
  • Resolved – Fixed issue with Secured creditor with $0.00 unsecured portion printing on 20 largest unsecureds,
  • Resolved – TXSB Plan Summary – not showing all plan payments in some situations,
  • Resolved – Payments Error when list and billing plan are open,
  • Resolved – TXSB Plan Modified – Sec. 11 not displaying correct data,
  • Resolved – Enable showing all notes when the user views notices instead of having to look at the activity report,
  • Resolved – Invoice – Calendar for Date & Due Date is off screen,
  • Resolved – Issue with creditors not being included in plan calculator in some Jurisdictions,
  • Chrome Grammerly Add-on causes issue when right clicking Event Description,
  • Resolved – Clio – Push to Clio Task not sent if missing Assigned To User,
  • Resolved – ALMB – Issue with Priority Filing Fees button,
  • Resolved – Plan Options: 3002 not saving Amount,
  • Resolved – Means Test – Calculation of Disposable Income not refreshing,
  • Transaction Export: Error when generating,
  • Resolved – BKPacket – Retirement Accounts not Imported to Asset #21,
  • Resolved – Invoice – sending without logo causes error,
  • Resolved – ALMB Plan – Auto Assign DSO Arrearage to section 11 DSO,
  • Resolved – Delete button doesn’t work for Payments.


What Our Customers Are Saying

It is very self explanatory. If you have ever prepared bankruptcies before or even if you are new to bankruptcy, this is by far the most convenient software I have ever used. (Have prepared bankruptcies for 29 yrs and have used a multitude of various software). Jubilee's customer support is of the highest quality.

Kendall Radley

Fiduciary Professional Services

I like that it automatically sends my notices to my software and calanders them for me.

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson Law Firm

Best Cloud Case Document Tracker. It is easy to use and logically laid out. It is still new, but all the years of experience that LegalPRO Systems has had with I-Got-Notices has been put to good use in this product.

Alexander Wathen

Wathen & Associates

I am a solo practitioner, and had my own assistant who did all my Chapter 7’s for 20+ years, but she recently retired. The transition to working wit...


L. Howe


Jubilee allows us to have multiple users working on each case from various locations. It allows us to access information much more quickly and reliably without having to deal with physical servers. It is user-friendly and looks like it was created in the 2010s, not the 1980s.

Rick Abelmann

Abelmann Peterson LLC

With Version 5, LegalPRO made a great program (I-Got-Notices) even better. I now rate I-Got-Notices as indispensable. Customer service is still the best in the industry.


I am a solo practitioner, and had my own assistant who did all my Chapter 7’s for 20+ years, but she recently retired. The transition to working with Grace [from LegalPRO Services] was very easy, and I felt completely comfortable with and confident of her abilities. She has a very thorough understanding not only of the forms, but also how the forms interact with each other, as well as being an expert with the BankruptcyPRO software. We have never met in person, but the exchange of information was also easy, and through a combination of emails, downloads, and phone calls (for which she was always available) we were able to work efficiently and effectively to get all the forms as well as many revisions into the final product – and she even filed the case for me! I would happily recommend her.

L. Howe