The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.


2. User requests

  • NYEB – Added support for NextGen


3. Improvements in Jubilee

  • ALNB – Adequate Protection was not working in Plan Calculator and Not displayed on plan
  • Co-Debtor information was not being pulled from Schedules D, E/F when the Co-Debtor was listed on Multiple Debts
  • Payments – Improved Payment Status Notifications on ACH Transactions
  • Fixed issue with the Delete button for Invoices
  • Resolved issue with retrieving images in text messages
  • Needed to adjust the logic for Homestead Exemption Claimed value on Exemption Calculator
  • MT – Resolved issue with override field for Housing Standard
  • Fixed issue with ACH payments labeled as Credit/Debit on the details screen
  • Means Test – Added override option to zero out negative income numbers
  • Payments – Adjusted the logic on Last Month filter
  • Improved logic for Clio Import when determinining BK vs. General case type
  • Billing Plans were not saving when frequency set to weekly
  • Fixed Manual Login option for NextGen Courts
  • Fixed issue when sending E Sign Requests the status didn’t change to sent until you refresh page
  • Messaging – Didn’t save Contact Phone Number When Creating New Conversation
  • Added option to edit the text for the Verification of Creditor Matrix
  • MIEB – Added Plan Option to hide final payoff payment from printing in cred payment section
  • ALNB Plan – Added option to NOT show step payments
  • Fixed bug on Local Standards: Transportation page in MT – Executory Contract
  • HIB Plan – Needed to exclude $0 plan payments
  • MIWB – Resolved Error when filing Disclosure of Compensation and Certificate of Credit Counseling
  • Prevented Multiple Conversation Threads for Same Number
  • Case Active/Inactive slide was hidden in smaller screens or zoomed
  • Fixed issue with $0.01 non exempt property when there was available exemption
  • Prevented issue when no Exemption set was selected
  • Added Surrendered amounts on Sch. C-1
  • Resolved issue with fixed payment calculator inflating payment amount
  • ALMB – Resolved issue with Priority Filing Fees button
  • Allen Credit & Debt – Made changes to handle updates to API
  • Billing Plan Incorrectly Reports Past Due When Not in some situations
  • Enabled Case Upload for ALMB

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