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Dec 3rd, 2020

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What’s New In Jubilee (September/October 2020)

The following features and issues were added/addressed in Jubilee.

New Features:

  • Added support for List of Equity Security Holders for business cases
  • Added Options to Include/Remove Creditors from the Matrix or Schedules on the main creditor page
  • Added credit card verification check to the Account Number field

User Requests:

  • Added Support for SCB Chapter 13 Plan
  • KSB Plan – Needed special option for section 4.2 – number of months over which fees will be paid
  • Needed to modify the Signature to Include POA in Client Case
  • Added option to define Primary and Secondary Employers for Sch. I
  • YTD Added option to edit when income period changes
  • Added sorting’s and search to Asset Exemptions List
  • MNB Plan – Added support for Creditor Modification Notation
  • MIEB – Added E-Signature support for local forms
  • Added the sum of the creditor ending balances on Plan Calculator page and Plan Recap page
  • Creditor Matrix – Included Creditor Noticing Parties
  • PAG – Added indicator to which features are locked instead of hiding
  • MIWB – Built functionality to file Atty Disclosure Form 2030 as separate event
  • HIB Plan – Auto assign surrendered collateral to surrender section
  • Added client name on emailed invoice
  • MNB – Added E-Sign Support for local form Notice of Responsibilities
  • Filing fees Installment – Added auto calculate dates option

Improvements in Jubilee:

  • Dashboard notes – Fixed error when loading very large list
  • Form 206D – Resolved duplicate assets show up on Additional Page
  • Fixed issue where Documents uploaded to Client Contact without a case are not accessible
  • TXSB Mod – Needed option to assign mortgage arrearages to Post Confirmation claim column
  • Fixed issue where program hangs when trying to access Exemption Calculator when State for Exemptions isn’t set
  • Fixed issue with Add Non-Filing Spouse Button
  • HIB Plan – Limited Ch7 liquidation to 100%
  • Fixed issue saving recurring scheduled message
  • Fixed issue with Print button on Paychecks Page
  • Resolved issue with Fee Waiver Form 103B
  • Added Case Issue Warning when plan does not pay out
  • Added support for Fee Waiver for E-Signature
  • Payments – Fixed issue with recurring payments not displayed within the Case on the Payments tab
  • Fixed filing script for MIEB Attorney Disclosure
  • MDB Chapter 13 Plan – Adequate protection creditor needed to be in 4.6.1 as well as 4.6.3.
  • Fixed issue with Certificate of Service
  • FLSB Plan – Fixed issue with Sec. I Notices checking wrong box for valuation
  • Resolved Error when extra space after email for E-Signature requests
  • ALMB – Adjusted filing script to file income records
  • Resolved Time Display issue for 341 Meeting on Overview – Dates section
  • FLMB Plan – Fixed formatting issue in Sec. 5(d)
  • Form 206AB – Resolved issue with Watercraft missing no. 2on continuation page
  • ALSB – Added option to hide steps payments and month notation in creditor payment sections
  • Resolved print issue when Form Date is not checked
  • KSB – Resolved Issue with Priority Filing Fees in Plan Calculator
  • ALNB – Adjusted logic for Adequate Protection Plan Calculator when attorney fees are not paid in plan


What Our Customers Are Saying

Jubilee allows us to have multiple users working on each case from various locations. It allows us to access information much more quickly and reliably without having to deal with physical servers. It is user-friendly and looks like it was created in the 2010s, not the 1980s.

Rick Abelmann

Abelmann Peterson LLC

Honestly, Jubilee Notices is great, and I cannot think of anything I do not like about it. Jubilee Notices gives me peace of mind and it is very intuitive. Prior to using Jubilee Notices, I used a different Notices software and I never figured out how to use it. Jubilee Notices is much easier.

Rebecca Moughon

Law Office of Rebecca Moughon

I’m a relatively new user of your bankruptcy software and am very pleased with the program, but more importantly, extremely pleased with the level o...



Law Office of Keith S. Dobbins, Woodland Hills, CA

We have been a long time user of previous iterations of I Got Notices and Jubilee Notices is by far the best version. The layout of the notices and ease of opening attached documents making the review of a case extremely efficient.

David Shuster

Shuster Law, PLLC

Customer service is the best. Always prompt and helpful in finding answers and solutions to simple or difficult problems.


Law Office of James Patrick Brady, Houston, TX

With Version 5, LegalPRO made a great program (I-Got-Notices) even better. I now rate I-Got-Notices as indispensable. Customer service is still the best in the industry.


I’m a relatively new user of your bankruptcy software and am very pleased with the program, but more importantly, extremely pleased with the level of customer support I’ve been getting. I was using [a competitor’s product] for 25 years, and the transition was not all that difficult. The constant updates load flawlessly. Everyone I speak to for support is unbelievably cordial and patient, and quite knowledgeable.


Law Office of Keith S. Dobbins, Woodland Hills, CA